Our Services

Estsék’s multi-disciplinary team of professionals and technical staff provides a wide range of environmental and cultural management services to clients in the oil and gas, forestry, hydro-power, mining, transportation and other sectors including:
Environmental Impact Assessments
Regulatory agency applications and approvals
Project management and coordination
Environmental protection and management planning
Mitigation, compensation and habitat enhancement planning
Environmental baseline study design and data collection
Environmental and construction monitoring and inspection
Conservation and reclamation planning
On-site archeological monitoring and overview assessments
Traditional Use Studies
Traditional Ecological Knowledge Studies

Sample of Services

Terrestrial resources
aquatic resources
construction and environmental monitoring
terrestrial resources


Estsék’ provides wildlife expertise in support of regulatory and permitting requirements. Our wildlife team includes biologists and technicians experienced in developing and implementing wildlife surveys for a wide range of species and groups including terrestrial mammals, birds, invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles.

Estsék’s team is able to identify wildlife species and critical habitats across various ecosystems to assess the potential effects of development projects through Wildlife Inventory and Habitat Capability and Suitability Assessments.

Species inventory and relative abundance survey techniques include:
Aerial census
Track transects
Browse surveys
Point count census
Call playback
Amphibian surveys
Ungulate Winter Range assessments

Vegetation & Wetlands

Estsék’s biologists and technical teams are experienced in applying current provincial vegetation classification systems for uplands, wetlands, and freshwater aquatic ecosystems supported through baseline vegetation inventory, ecosystem classification and mapping according to current standards.

Estsék’s specialized terrestrial team has extensive experience in delivering the following services to clients:
Classification and delineation of vegetative communities and wetlands
Listed plants and communities identification
Conducting rare plant and ecological inventories
Evaluation of potential effects on sensitive resources
Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM)
Ecological Land Classification
Vegetation Management Audits
Ecosystem classification
aquatic resources

Water Resource Management

The overall productivity of an aquatic environment is a function of the quality and quantity of the resource. Recognizing this relationship, Estsék’s water resource assessments include benthic macroinvertebrate population studies, fish and fish habitat assessments, and baseline water quality and quantity assessments for a variety of development projects including hydroelectric, oil and gas, and mining. Team members are familiar with current policies, regulations, and provincial and federal water quality guidelines.

Fish & Fish Habitat

Estsék’ has extensive experience planning, designing, and executing watershed level fish and fish habitat inventories. Our services include:
Population surveys and assessments
Backpack electrofishing
Watercourse crossing assessments
Pre and post-construction monitoring
Baseline Studies

Watercourse Assessments

Estsék’ has assessed and coordinated permitting processes, and we have conducted construction monitoring projects, of varying complexity in British Columbia – from routine clear span bridges to multi-kilometre interprovincial pipeline projects. Estsék’ assesses and plans each crossing in light of potential impacts, constraints and mitigation options on-site, and we tailor the design of crossings to each watercourse.

The Estsék’ team has experience delivering:
Water quality baseline studies
Water quality monitoring
Instream Flow Needs (IFN) analysis
Hydrometric assessments
construction and environmental monitoring

Environmental Management Plans

Estsék’ has developed Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) and provides on-site environmental representation to document construction milestone achievements, ensure effective implementation of EMPs, and maintain agency liaison. Our environmental monitoring services are carried out following Provincial Best Management Practices and allow projects to move forward in accordance with federal and provincial environmental legislation. We work with clients to provide practical solutions for EMP development and implementation.

Our environmental monitoring services include:
Design and completion of EMPs
On-site monitoring and reporting
Environmental monitoring
Water quality / suspended sediment monitoring
Fuel management
Hazardous waste
Spill response
Erosion and sediment control monitoring
Breeding bird and nest surveys
On-site archeology monitoring