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Over 20 Years Experience

Estsék' Environmental Services majority owned by Simpcw Resources Limited Liability Partnership (SRLLP). Its primary objective is to offer environmental services within Simpcwúlécw. Our approach to environmental conservation emphasizes the balance and respect for all living beings and natural resources, ensuring sustainability and health of ecosystems for future generations. By prioritizing the preservation of biodiversity, cultural heritage, and the integrity of natural landscapes, SRGLLP leads by example in the global effort to combat environmental degradation and promote a more sustainable and respectful coexistence within the environment.

Our Mission

Committed to
Environmental Stewardship

By leveraging our collective experience, knowledge, and strong partnerships, Estsék' Environmental Services aims to provide comprehensive and sustainable environmental solutions within the Simpcw'ulécw. We remain steadfast in our commitment to environmental stewardship and supporting the development and well-being of the Simpcw First Nation community.

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